Welcome to the NWPPA

North West Player Piano Association

The North West Player Piano Association is a small friendly British based group, of enthusiasts and collectors of self-playing pianos, and we offer a warm welcome to new members.

 We have members from  all over Great Britain (and the world), and one member suggested in fun that NWPPA  should now stand for the Nation Wide Player Piano Association. 

Our meetings are predominantly held in in the area north of Birmingham and south of Carlisle - see the page Our Meetings for current meetings (reduced programme at present as we emerge from COVID-19 restrictions).

 For further details of our group please see the About Us page

We are proud to celebrate 50+ years since we were founded in 1972

NWPPA logo: Pianola showing roll and pedals

More about our Association and what we can offer

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Find out about pianolas, reproducing pianos and piano players

Piano with three copies of the Journal on the music stand

Find out more about our twice-a-year magazine 

Air motor (roll drive motor)

Details of how pianolas work and other technical information

Laptop, notebook, pen and cup of coffee

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Books published by the NWPPA incorporating articles from our Journal

Listen to and watch a pianola

Click on the video to watch.  Actually, it is an Ampico reproducing piano owned by one of our members.  See here for more about reproducing pianos, and see here for more videos and audio clips

The Association celebrated its 50th Anniversary in 2022, marking the occasion by producing a reproducing piano roll of a piece never previously available. Videos of the production process and the finished roll are given here

including rolls and books for sale