New Members

New members are always made very welcome, we are a small and we like to think friendly group.

We have members in all parts of the UK and, whilst originally based in the north west we now cover the whole country.

Although we specialise in Player pianos and Organs, if you are interested in Mechanical Music in any form from old Gramophones, Harmoniums or Barrel Organs to the most sophisticated Player Organs and Reproducing Pianos - even modern Electronic Player Pianos (like the Yamaha Disklavier or QRS Pianomation) we will almost certainly have other members with similar interests, and many of these items are demonstrated at our meetings..

You do not need to own an instrument to be interested in joining us, in fact if you are thinking of acquiring one it is a good idea to attend a few of our meetings and see some of the range and types of mechanical players that are available. You may even find another member with a 'spare' one for sale.

To print a Membership Form please click HERE or if you would prefer you can ring our MEMBERSHIP SECRETARY, Derrick, on 0161 9280188 - I always think a personal contact is best and you can ask him for any special details.

If we have a MEETING in your area (see Current Meetings) Derrick will give you details and you are very welcome to 'try us out'.