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New Members (and rejoining former ones) are always welcome: We have existing members throughout the UK.  Please see the New Members page, where a membership form and welcome leaflet are now   available for you to either view or print out, or for the personal touch you can contact our membership secretary, Derrick on 0161 9280188

Email messages

EMail MESSAGES  (Text only please) may be sent to these will then be forwarded to the relevant person, please do not send unsolicited attachments as, for security, these are not usually forwarded unless prior arangements are made.


DONATIONS  are always welcome however we have a small collection of literature/ephemera about Player Pianos and the various companies who  produced them, so if you find anything related to Player Pianos and their rolls, and would like it preserving, please contact our Librarian either by phone on 01772 600960, or by EMail - .

Before you get rid of anything - however tatty it is please remember that it may be of interest to someone.

Items for sale

Advertisements for Rolls and Instruments are free to Members and may be accepted from PRIVATE non-members to be circulated with our Journal (space permitting) if we believe they will be of interest to members;   However please remember that if you miss an issue the response will be slow.     

Unfortunately most people do not have room for large collections of Pianolas - one per room is usually enough.      

Commercial adverts are also welcome at very reasonable rates - Please contact the Journal Editor on 01625 526192.

There are also current For Sale and Wanted  adverts on this WebSite


NOTE:- ALL the adverts on this site are genuine and current, so Please browse our 'FOR SALE' and 'WANTED' pages by clicking on links above  .